Digital Services

Are your family photos gathering dust in a shoebox in your closet?  Is that old carousel of film slides crammed in a box somewhere in your damp, un-air-conditioned basement? 

Over time, ink fades, photo paper wrinkles, and film emulsion deteriorates.  Protect your memories by digitizing your analog photos before it's too late.

Having previously worked at a professional film lab and photo services business, I have years of experience with carefully digitizing all formats of film, prints, and documents.  I will handle your photo albums, shoeboxes, and negatives with care, and convert any size photo or document up to 8.5x11" into high-resolution digital files.

And I'll do it all with my own equipment, from my own home, for less than half the price you would pay at a photo services store. 

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Bulk Photo Scanning

Color or black-and-white. All scans include auto color-correction.

Output Size                       Price

4x6in @ 300 DPI               29¢ / photo

5x7in @ 300 DPI               59¢ / photo

8x10in @ 300 DPI             89¢ / photo

Bulk Film Scanning

Black-and-white, color negative, or color positive. 35mm, medium format, or large format.

All scans include auto color-correction.

Output Size                               Price

4x6in @ 300 DPI               39¢ / photo

5x7in @ 300 DPI               69¢ / photo

8x10in @ 300 DPI             99¢ / photo




Photo Restoration

With Adobe Photoshop, I can perform basic digital retouching and color enhancement on photos that have been stained, scratched, or faded to restore damaged photos to their original appearance.

Prices start at $15 per image.

Contact me at to discuss your restoration options.